Open the Door to Better Security

Protect your Odessa, TX property with a sturdy gate installation

Do you need an extra layer security around your residential or commercial property in the Odessa, TX area? It's time to get a gate installation from West Texas Garage Doors and Gates. Our experts will install a manual or remote-controlled gate to protect your property from intruders and prying eyes.

We sell Liftmaster Operators, rollers, master computer boards, chain and custom build gates. Reach out today to get a free estimate on your gate installation.

Why is keeping your gatein good shape so important?

Why is keeping your gate
in good shape so important?

You'll want to schedule gate repair services at the first sign of trouble, because your gate plays a huge part in the effectiveness of your fence. A sturdy gate enhances your property's:

  • Access control- with a secure gate, you can make sure only trusted individuals can gain access to your property.
  • Security- a properly installed gate can prevent intrusion, vandalism and theft.
  • Privacy- a tall or opaque gate can effectively shield your property from view.

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