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Your garage door has a lot of moving parts that work together to make your door easy to lift, and to keep it from crashing down. If even a single part malfunctions, you could have some serious property damage or injury on your hands.

Fortunately, you can rely on the experts at West Texas Garage Doors and Gates for timely garage door repairs in the Odessa, TX area. We can find out what's wrong and fix any part of your residential or commercial garage door with skill and efficiency.

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How will you know ifyou need to replace your spring?

How will you know if
you need to replace your spring?

You probably have a broken garage door spring if:

  • It looks visibly worn or is covered in rust.
  • It looks saggy, stretched out or has gaps between its coils.
  • It prevents your garage door from opening or can't keep the door open when lifted.

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